Tuesday, 27 February 2018

What is the scope in animation?

What is the scope in animation?

There is a great scope in the field of animation. The animation industry is growing at a very past face. It is now a multi-billion dollar industry generating a great deal of employment for those who have the passion for it. Big international studios and companies like Sony Pictures, Turner Entertainment and Walt Disney are off shoring the development of animation content to India, and, already, Indian animation studies and production houses are jam packed with work be it outsourced from abroad or in-house projects. Therefore, there is a talent crunch in this industry and people are required to fill up these vacancies. Work opportunities for quality animators and related professionals like graphic designers, multimedia developers, game developers, character designers, key frame animators, 3D modelers, layout artists, etc. exist in the following sectors :-
  • Advertising
  • Online and Print News Media
  • Film & Television
  • Cartoon production
  • Theater
  • Video Gaming
  • E-learning

At the top of the hill are jobs such as, Creative Director, Animation Director, VFX Director, Lighting Professional, Modeling and Rigging artists, Production Head, etc. Besides these opportunities, an animator or a multimedia professional can also work as freelancer or start his / her own enterprise given he / she has entrepreneurial skills and funds for investments.

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