Tuesday, 20 June 2017

3D Animation in Lucknow

3D Animation

3D animation is defined as the process for creating animated images through computer graphics & refers to moving images. Today’s we widely uses 3D animation. For 3D animations, models are created on computer screens and 3D figures are equipped with imagery skeleton whereas, in 2D animations, objects and distinct transparent layers are used with or without a virtual skeleton. In 3D animation procedure we generally use 3 stages- 

  • Lay down the shape of the object, 
  • Surroundings of the object and animation of the objects to be used in the scene are also laid out 
  • Rendered which produces the final image of the object. 

A 3D animation is applied on computer programs where the computer generates a 3D representation of a 2D graphics and gives the 2D images in a 3D framework.
Today, 3D animation courses offered by large number of universities or Institute across the country. If you want to join 3D Animation Institute in Lucknow. There are various Animation institutes in Lucknow that offer 3D animation courses either as specialization or as a part of regular full time animation programs. Join us for better result.
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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Best Animation Institute in Lucknow

Animation is an art and science, involving different technologies. Animation Institute Lucknow have highly experienced faculty members who are passionate about teaching the craft of character animation. Maac Animation Institute Lucknow is one of best institutes. Are you creative enough to craft your future with the latest Animation technologies in the fields of movies, ads, media When you complete one of our Animation courses.  We offer on the various types of animation including 2D animation, 3D animation, VFX and Game Designing Courses in Lucknow.

Friday, 2 June 2017

Animation Institute in Lucknow

Maac Institute Lucknow is a leader in animation courses in Lucknow and animation training in Lucknow with live projects. This 3d animation course provides 3D animation techniques to get interactivity into the animation. Maac Animation Institute Lucknow having Year of vast experience in animation courses like 3D Animation, VFX, multimedia, web designing, game designing and many more. A good animation institute will give you a hand to hand experience with the professional equipment and production techniques. Take your 3D skills to the next level and make your passion for animation a career reality. Animation is not limited to cartoons characters or drawing something which does not exist; it is the art to put soul into images and characters for creating movement and making them alive. Maac Animation is the institute which offers a 3D animation course in Lucknow.