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3D Animation

3D Animation

Animating objects that appear in a three-dimensional space called 3D Animation. One of the leading 3D animation institute in Lucknow, we provide expertly made storyboards, designing, modeling, texturing and rendering, animations and graphics and compositing for the perfect result. If you need, as one of the top 3D animation Center in Lucknow we try to provide you with the best results and we will help you to make your career in animation field. Join MAAC Animation Lucknow and enhance your skill.

How to make a 3D Animation?

Steps to arrive at a finished 3D animation..
Step 1. Design.
First, will be the idea for an 3D animation as is possible defined and collected as a drawing or sketch.
Step 2. Modeling.
Modeling of 3D models. By modeling process the topology is important, so that the model is suitable for error-free and smooth bends in the following 3D computer animation.
Step 3. Texturing.
Texturing of 3D objects. Here the 3D model gets colors, textures and surfaces structure.
Step 4. Rigging for 3D animation.
Rigging. In order to animate the models, they should get the handles and a scaffold that can store animation. Through the connection between objects and invisible framework, the movement is transferred to the models.
Step 5. Movement (3D animation)
In the step, the finished models or frameworks (handles) are added to a motion. The poses of objects or virtual characters are stored using a timeline..
Step 6. Setting the scene.
Setting the scene. There will be put the camera and lights. Through numerous settings will be set the mood of the scene. The scene gets the global illumination and the 3D objects get your materials with appropriate properties.
Step 7. Rendering.
Rendering. The final image is calculated. For an 3D animation are created in required resolution 25 frames per second. For fine tuning the picture is divided in many layers as specular, reflection, glossiness, etc.
Step 8. Postprocessing.
Assembling all layers in an image. Picture settings. For a final 3D computer animation, from rendered images will a film created.
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